Three years ago i closed Incredible Records after 30 years and threw away my business cards saying Jonathon Lipsin ,Head Honcho.I had given up that title and so i set about to journey “Within “even though i travelled out “There ” to many countries and adventures. It was always about stepping into “Within”
Where is the lightness ? i asked
where is the laughter ?
where are the guiding metaphors?
The road is buddha.
The road is the metaphor.
Upon the Road you dare find yourself.
You were there all the time you learn just waiting for you to discover this simple truth.All the truths are simple and old and telling.Love yourself .Be gentle with yourself.Laugh at yourself. Don’t take everything so seriously.Don’t take everything so personal. Constantly people tell me how lonely they are .We are all lonely.It is born of fear and i fall into that too but then i stare up at the stars in the night sky and feel part of them and sometimes i walk in a redwood forest and i don’t feel so lonely anymore.I have been learning patience and the art of waiting like an indian building a fire in the desert.I watch the smoke creep up into the sky…I have a friend ,an indian elder who is a wise man ,a shaman who is the governor of the Taos Pueblo.He comes from an ancient Pueblo people and i broke bread with him in his office and i said Ernesto,tell me where can i find purpose ? Ernesto smiled and said ,”Who said you need purpose ?” as he dipped the bread into the olive oil and hummus i brought.
I felt my body go limp and relax.
“Oh “, I said.
So yesterday i created a new card.It says Jonathon Lipsin,
Writer,Adventurer,Wanderer and Music Maven .
Underneath that it says
(Grandson of a House Painter)
Below that is my web site,blog and my E Bay store and my E mail.
My new card is playful .I like that.

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