I have to chuckle about this .
On the 6,000 mile journey i just came back from i booked a night in an old cotton planter’s plantation house over the border from Clarksdale Mississippi in Helena Arkansas.We took back roads to get there across rivers and bridges .
I learned this mansion was built above the graves of 15,000 Confederate troops and was the battle scene for the Battle of Helena . 
We were there alone as the only guests or so i thought.
I was just about to lay my head on the pillow from our top floor room when i heard muffled voices and heavy things being dragged across the floor above us and thuds and bumps .
I knew we were on the top floor so i ran out to the hallway to investigate and yes indeed we were on the top floor.
I sunk into a deep sleep muttering
,”Oh shit ghosts!!!!!!
I woke up in terror the next morning…

That next morning we were having breakfast downstairs as i pondered what happened.
Suddenly a very large family of three came down with all their heavy luggage.
.I exclaimed
,”Where were you sleeping ?”
“On the third floor ” they replied.
” Show me !” I entreated burning with curiosity .
They led me to a small door that led up to the attic that i hadn’t noticed .
“Oh ” i said quite relieved.

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