The Jonathon and Brian Lipsin Bottle Business Inc…

My older brother Brian and I .He is coming in on Sunday to see me

The Jonathon and Brian Lipsin Bottle Business Inc…

This was my first entrepreneurship. 
My older brother Brian and i went into the bottle business. We had it down. There were apartments going up all around us and we made friends with the paisanos ,the Italian construction workers and we would collect their bottles at lunch time,load them in our little red wagon and truck on down to the local variety store where we would cash them in for the glories of candy,chocolate bars but more importantly comics which we read avidly.
Then we decided to expand the business and we would knock on doors in the neighborhood and apartment buildings and present the service of taking in their bottles they would have around. In a day we might make 5,6 trips to the store. Then it grew to maybe 10..We decided to hire some of our friends to help schlepp.
My comic collection grew and i still have hundreds of them and sell them on E Bay where some have fetched hefty prices.
The bottle business was so good that we scoffed at the allowance Dad gave us .We were making bank !
Despite my “RED DIAPER ” upbringing i decided at an early age that capitalism wasn’t half bad besides i was doing the hood a favor providing the first vestiges of early recycling. There seemed to be a buddhist calm from having money in the piggy bank…
My father had decided to go into business for himself and we had a family meeting and he informed us we would have to tighten our belts because times would be lean
.He was taking a big risk starting his own record company .
I went up to my piggy bank and took out my stash of bills.He looked on in amazement and whistled ,”Holy cow ! Where did you get all this ?”
I calmly said,
“From my bottle business ”
I turned it all over to him .

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