You Can’t Fool A Montrealer

I am at the Museum of Jewish Montreal which is directly across the street from my old commune from 1970 where i was the editor of the underground paper Logos. They serve gefilte fish tacos (I kid you not) here and i just told them a story because i see they are selling Montreal steak spice which is very famous ..We grew up with it and every Montreal steak house served it sprinkled on their steaks and meat.
That being said let me tell my story.
4 years ago i fulfilled a childhood dream and went to the Navajos in the Four Corners area of Arizona,Utah,Colorado and New Mexico and there i negotiated a fast mustang and rode down a 1000 ft cliff at a sharp angle to ride for two days in the sacred Canyon de Chelly with an Indian guide born in the historic canyon where Conquistadores rode as did Kit Carson leading the U.S. calvary.
I was familiar for years with this place and i was determined to ride for 9 hours each day through chaparral and mesquite and facing the elements and sleeping under the stars. As part of the deal the Indian family i contracted with trucked in supper and i wanted steak and salads and tacos after a nine hour ride .
They did just that cooking up the streak over campfire.It tasted mighty fine and i wondered what the spices were that embellished the meat.
“It was right tasty,”I allowed
They told me solemnly “It is an old Indian secret recipe”
I suddenly jolted up and went over to their box of stuff and seized a container of Montreal Steak Spice!
“Bullshit” I cried,I am from Montreal and i was raised on this stuff!”¬†

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