A Day In Ibiza with Michael Bennett

First thing in the morning i said goodbye to Formentera and took a ferry to Ibiza and decided to have an adventure and i did.I spent 3 hours exploring the back alleys and streets in the Old City in search of the Old Jewish Quarter and a secret synagogue rumored to be in the basement of the Convent of San Cristobal. .Then i had lunch .lol
Michael Bennett is a friend of mine London and edits the Renoir Spanish Food Guide and i write for them about food every now and then.
When he heard i was in Ibiza for a day he could do no less than pick me up at my hotel and take me on another brilliant road trip on the island with food and adventure both of our favorite things.
Michael is an expert on Ibiza and knows every nook and cranny .Today he took me to Calle D’Hort to a great restaurant ,Es Boldado ,This is a place people take a boat from their yachts to dine here. Pricey but worth it..where we had a tomato and anchovy salad ,Black rice paella with fresh seafood and a unique coffee that is mixed with brandy and coffee beans and lemon and cinnamon and set on fire and stirred for a while until it all mixes .
So the story goes, this particular Ibicenco tipple was the invention of two fishermen who worked from Sa Caleta, one of Ibiza’s many small coves on the South coast, in the 1950s.
The two fishermen, Pep Pujolet and Pep Es Boix, had been on their national service in A Coruña, a seaport in Galicia. The Gallego people have a similar drink called Queimada, ‘the fire drink’, and clearly having spent their time in the military productively, they created their own drink inspired by that most Gallego original.
It was not long before the fishermen of Ibiza were all ending a meal with a pep from the two Peps, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Brewing up a batch of Café Caleta does involve a bit of fannying around*, which may explain why it is not more widely known or served locally –
Café Caleta
40g of freshly ground coffee
120g brown sugar
1l of water
250ml brandy
250ml dark rum
Peel from one lemon
Peel from one orange
1 cinnamon stick
20 coffee beans
Bring the water to a boil, take off the heat and add the coffee. Leave it to cool for quarter of an hour.
While the coffee is cooling, place the brandy, rum, sugar, orange and lemon peel, cinnamon stick and coffee beans into a pan.
Bring to a boil and dissolve the sugar – you are aiming to caramelise the sugar at this stage, so all those years watching bake off may finally pay dividends. But don’t stress too much, just simmer for 3 minutes aiming for a goo.
Then comes the ceremony. The next part would normally be done at the table when the alcohol caramel/goo is set alight and left to burn for a minute.
One the flame is out you then slowly mix with the coffee, stir gently and serve.
We sat overlooking Es Vedra ….
I dropped by my friend’s boutique at the Cala d”Hort beach but she was not there.That is Rochelle Brackman from Houston Texas whose house we stayed at when we went across America once.
We traveled up the coast to the village of St Joseph and we went to Sunset Beach…


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