A few things Leonard Cohen and I had in common.

My grandfather knew him. His grandfather and my great grandfather most definitely knew each other back in the 1880’s having come from same area in Russia to Montreal,both being great Zionists and both being prosperous at the same time and being two of maybe 300 Jews in Montreal at that time.
Leonard and i both were embezzled at the same time by people we loved and trusted and who we left in charge of our accounting. That was bizarreand sad and we were both wiped out financially after decades of hard work. We also both reclaimed ourselves entering new lives and rising .
Leonard loved my store Incredible Records spending most of the day like a kid in a candy store so he shared in my vision .
leonard and i both being Montrealers and living a block from each other in the old Ghetto renamed Le Plateau knew the same haunts like Swartzs and St Viateur Bagel and The “Main” steak House and Moishes and Ben’s.
We both love Israel and being Jewish and all that entails.
We both reject the anti Israel boycott and he proved that by playing in Israel despite calls for him not to.
We both live in California.
I will be be buried in Montreal also
I am friends with his nephew
we both know Rufus Wainright and his mother who died Kate Mcgarrigle
we have both been in the record business
we both have Canadian gold and platinum records
My brother worked at his father’s business and my father’s first cousin Sid Cohen was the manager for decades.
We both flew into Israel to volunteer for the Yom Kippur War ,he from the island of Hydra in Greece and i from the island in Spain of Formentera.
And we shared a love for music and poetry of course,
In spite of all these concurrents and intersections we only met each other that time in the store but those 4 hours which is nothing really somehow also was enough…

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