A Hot Flamenco Night in La Mola

A Hot Flamenco Night in La Mola
It was a stiflingly hot night as i sauntered into our popular waterhole,Can Toni where the beer is cold and the music hot … The usual crowd of suspects and rascals were there,people i have recognized over the years …. Word had gotten around the village that something special was going to happen. The audience was expectant…I love a Spanish local bar.The camaraderie and joviality is superb and an American bar does not come close.
Americans are too uptight and pretentious for my liking and i am at home right here even if i am the only North American in the place….people flash smiles,children roam around and get affection , everyone is a foster parent in Spain …everyone knows each other it seems.It is a small village and a small island.
Last night at Can Toni we experienced a great flamenco night with Cani Huertas and his group Flamenco de Mimbres and the best flamenco dancer i have seen to date ,Esther Esteban who was the principal dancer of a famous Spanish dance troupe took the stage . Cani had been telling me about her for years and indeed she was a force de nature as she danced a fierce flamenco.
My heart beat fast as i watched her staccato moves,her shoes beating a no nonsense tattoo on the wooden stage.
I looked around at the bar and this scene could have been in the 50’s or the 40’s or the thirties. This was a rare insight into the soul of Spain indeed and i nodded in appreciation. Can Toni is our hangout those of us who feel local and i do feel local ..
I watched as people nodded in time to the music,the women fanning themselves and giving little smiles of appreciation as they clapped their hands in that peculiar Spanish way ,i saw the passion emerging from their souls ….
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