A Leonard Cohen Story Sort Of

An interesting story .My father’s first cousin Sid Cohen was the manager of Leonard Cohen’s father,Lyon’s clothing manufacturing business Freedman’s Clothing .  Leonard worked there briefly in the 50’s .  This is where we trooped down to get our clothes for weddings and bar mitzvahs and the like. When i started in the record business in my early twenties this is where i went to get “fitted” Leonard’s first cousin ran the place along with Sid and it was astonishing because he was the spitting image of leonard.   In fact at first i thought it was Leonard except the cousin was a glib salesman hustler while Leonard was hustling his songs and poetry.   The cousin left a bad odor with me though.
A few years ago my brother told me a story.   My brother is the legendary and famous proprietor of Brian;s Record Option in Kingston one of the greatest record emporiums in the country.  A play was just written on him and broadcast on the CBC nationally.
Brian worked for Sid at Freedmans .   He was the good son while i was the blacklisted hippie son of a bitch black sheep son.  While i was on the road and living in communes Brian was a student at Leonard Cohen’s alma mater McGill U.
One day there was a big rock festival,Festival Express that came to town and Brian had to go  .It was Janis and the Band and the Grateful Dead and many others.  Brian called in sick . At the festival Brian took a swig of kool aid in the hot sun and soon everything that happened became a dream.  On Monday he came into work .  12670450_1062163493806184_9138544508830629032_nSid calls him into the office.
“So you were very sick over the weekend?” fumes Sid a man without humor.
“Yes” Brian assents cautiously,”Very sick”
Brian describes himself at this time as bronzed ,tanned and looking in the peak of health.
Sid Cohen spreads open the paper and shows Brian the headline and ensuing picture on the front page showing a naked Brian dancing to the music .It read Naked Hippie at Festival.
Brian got high on LSD.
“What happened next?”,I pleaded to Brian never having heard this story.
“I was sent downstairs to the basement where there was no air conditioning,a far cry from my office where i was filing papers and i was punished and made to work with the fur cutters.”
“What did you do next?”I asked
“I quit and Sid Cohen hasn’t talked to me since !” said Brian triumphantly .
Us Lipsin brothers are a bad hand to beat !!!

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