A Montreal Poem

10390379_10200209863886853_7527459464820932176_n by Jonathon D Lipsin..

I know this air
the air of the north,
air that has been fed into my milk at birth
and these trees ,
i recognize them too
that hard bark
just waiting for winter winds to blow.
I know this grass and these hills
like the grass and hills of my childhood
all so familiar and subtle
yet i know them
from all those years ago
when as a child
i would wander far and wide
familiar frontiers
always walking ,exploring
the seed giving wing
to the man i have become.
Thomas Wolfe. said ,
“You can’t go home again ”
Maybe not but
it still lives in you
and even though you have
left and created other worlds
the past is as vital
as the present
or so it seems.It all lives in you
and you are free to open
it up like a box of chocolates
and taste
the memories
that once nourished you
and they can do that again
if you know how to smile
at them
like the trees and the grass and the hills and the air ….
This is part of your life
admit it
and they will welcome you in
like a mother cleaves
to her child.

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