A Summing Up

When i was a kid in High School I would sit and daydream and stare out the window and then one day i wondered what would happen if i just got up and walked out and so i did literally and never came back.
I explained to my evaporated parents that i had a yearning to explore the world ..really see what life is about because of a burning desire in my soul. I had just turned 16..
I left home with a small knapsack and a sleeping bag that might have been my father’s from WW2 and a book by Jack Kerouac ,The Dharma Bums and a poetry book by Walt Whitman ,Leaves of Grass.
My father gave me a box of muesli in case i got hungry .I left and bravely entered a new world,the larger world i craved to know about.
It would be 8 years before i would return .
I mean i did come back occasionally for visits in between my journeys but in this 8 years i hitchhiked 20 times across America covering all states except Alaska and Hawaii .
I lived on Vancouver Island in a back to land commune and in Vancouver and in Montreal in a commune running the local underground newspaper ,Logos. I lived in New York City with the collective Underground Press Syndicate engaged in radical Yippie politics with Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and Black Panthers.I moved to California to the town of Bolinas and later the sister town of Stinson Beach across the Golden Gate Bridge and that was my base for 5 years gardening for Jerry Garcia and Mountain Girl of the Grateful Dead sometimes.
I lived in Idaho for a time picking apples and being hungry a lot.I ended up on the island of Formentera in Spain after hitchhiking across France and Spain
.I ended up flying into Israel when the Yom Kippur War broke out .
Then when i was 22 i stopped running and cut my hair and called up my father and said i am coming back.
Without hesitation he wired me 10,000 dollars,this was in 1976 and told me to buy a car… i barely knew how to drive one and i started a career in the record and music business and i never talked about my wandering vagabond past to anyone for a long long time ..It was over and i reinvented myself because i had a vision about children music and i was keen to follow through and a year and half later i found myself in Toronto and met a group who had plans to work on a children’s record and i hooked up with them guaranteeing 10,000 records of the entire first pressing even though i had no money .
A year after that i was awarded the first of several gold and platinum records for the best selling children record in Canada.
All the time my past remained buried. I was still that person but i wasn’t .I didn’t look back but i used the lessons i had learned on the road.

Money was never a motivating factor even though society expected that and i think because i was indifferent to it it came easily.
For 36 years i never looked what i had in the bank .I was aware of it but it was there and i could live simply even though if i wanted something i would get it but i was aware of what was really needed and it was not toys.
I wanted to taste life on my own terms and in that sense nothing had changed since i walked out of high school that day.
Still today nothing has changed .
It’s different but the same .
I go for the experience and the soul work and the heart work.
This is what motivates me in my writing ,in my adventures,in my world rambles.
I stumble sometimes and fall but i always pick myself up again.
Sometimes it is not easy and sometimes it is very easy as it always was.
I am no better than anyone else .
Everyone has their own unique story and personal road they have walked on.
Each one of us is great in that .
We have made choices and decisions that have changed our lives immensely and we have also paid heavy prices for some of those decisions but this is life !
It is a glorious messy affair after all and i love it!

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