A Tale about Dad and I in Kansas City


Ok here goes this story about Kansas City. It was in the late 70’s. My father was attending the N.A..I.R.D. convention ,indie record distributors iand it was held in Kansas City so i flew in from Toronto to hang out with all the small roots Americana and blues labels and we got to the hotel and the place was empty. We finally found everyone on the roof smoking dope. There was Rounder Records and Delmark and Biograph and Flying Fish and all the other labels all furiously puffing on joints .
Someone said “Who’s hungry ?” and about 30 people raised their hands and we all piled into taxis to go to Arthur Bryants for ribs and BBQ. On the way the cabbie tried to sell us condoms,combs and sundry other items and said “Ya want me to wait for ya?” and i said no and he said” I will wait for ya ,it’s not a good part of town” and we ran into the place which had in the front window only huge bottles with what looked like grease. .Weird and the place looked like something out of Dantes Inferno ,big clouds of steam rising up and pig carcasses hanging on meat hooks and a long counter where they gave ya the ribs then you move down and they give ya the sauce and then the sides and so forth and we took over the joint.
We were the only white folks in the place as i recall . There were some scary looking people eying us tough like and one of them came over and asked Slim Ritchie of Ridgerunner Records out of Texas for spare change and Slim stood up in his white pants and reached nervously in his pocket for some change ,getting sauce all over his pants in the process.
Well Dad and i skedaddled out of there after wolfing down our Kansas City ribs and fries which were great .
We were outside on the street picking our teeth and I said “Thanks for the meal ” and he said “Didn’t you pay? ” And I said “didn’t you ? “and i reach out my hand and yell “Taxi” and Condom Man sure enough comes over and picks us up.
“I told ya so !” he says with self satisfaction.
And everything is up to date in Kansas City !

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