A Vignette From Formentera.

There is a Rasta dreadlock waiter dude at Can Toni in Formentera ..you know the kind,all cool but only on the outside like most hipsters today ,style but no content and i had ordered a beer on that hot day and wanted some peanuts which in Spanish is CACAHUETE which is a bit of a tongue twister
.I mean they are only peanuts after all.
So i sidle up to the bar and ask him for some CACAHUETE but because he possibly hates Americans he pretends not to understand me and keeps saying “What? What ? no comprendez ” I know he is just being a dick so finally exasperated i say,
“Just get me the fucking peanuts asshole!”
That he understood.
As it turns out they do not have peanuts just olives.
This is acceptable also.
The moral of the story?
Don’t mess with a Zen Buddhist warrior cowboy poet from California that walks on the razor edge of multiple levels of awareness..
or just get the fucking peanuts next time !

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