Abe’s BBQ Clarksdale Mississippi

One of the things the Deep South is known for besides perverts like Ray Moore is BBQ and even though i eat mostly a vegetarian plant based diet i do indulge especially when i am in Montreal for the famous Montreal smoked meat or in Mississippi when i am in Clarksdale.
That’s when i stop into

right across where the famous Crossroads is where Highway 61 and 49 intersect
.It was at this corner it is said that the famous legendary bluesman Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil
.I walk in and grab a booth and Lucille serves me as she has served for decades here. Pat the owner greets me .Pat is the son of Abe the Lebanese man who immigrated to the South in 1913 looking for opportunity. Abe opened his place back in 1924.
His joint and one other were the only restaurants in Clarksdale that served people of color so it is a safe bet that Robert Johnson also ate here and his song Hot Tamale is probably from eating one of Abe’s famous hot tamales.
So when i eat here i am eating in a place of history of the blues.
Besides at 5 dollars Abe’s gives you an incredible BBQ sandwich. Plus you have Lucille serving you.She is almost as famous as the sandwich.

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