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I was born in Montreal in the 50’s and raised as a red diaper baby which means i know Spanish Civil War songs,can sing the Internationale on demand and can quote Marx and Lenin quite well.That is Groucho not Karl and John not Vladimir ! lol

It was a hell of a childhood surrounded by books,art ,music and politics.My parents owned a record company distributing all the folk,world ,blues and classical and jazz records into Canada from all over the world.My childhood was punctuated by the likes of Pete Seeger who played at our summer camp ,the yiddish commie party camp and Paul Robeson,Weavers,and many other musicians.

At an early age i have always attempted to fathom mysteries and indeed still do ,always questing to reach the heart of the matter.So it was that at 15 i decided to leave home and school informing both that this was necessary for the furtherance of my education.A classroom and a suburb did little to sooth the burning in my soul.

i landed into the late sixties traveling across America by dint of thumb and hopping freight trains at a prodigious clip ,transversing the continent 20 times by the time i was 20.I lived in communes , was part of the underground newspaper collective known as Logos Free Press.I was arrested and charged at 16 for sedition against the government and blasphemy against Jesus Christ  for a cartoon we published showing Jesus getting screwed on the cross.I went on trial for three months in Quebec along with the rest of the commune until they dropped suddenly the sedition charge and stayed the blasphemy charge which riled me up so much i stood up in court and stated that they had to release me immediately because i was only 16 and a minor and not 18 as stated on my phony id.This is just one of many adventures i have had . I traveled to Europe hitchhiking through France and Spain ,getting arrested by Franco’s goons after i called them nazi pigs.I forgot Franco was still in charge.I thought he died with Hitler in the bunker and i was given 2 hours to leave the country or be thrown in jail for 6 months.They threw my girlfriend Star and I on a fishing boat that crossed the Balearic Seas and threw us off on the tiny island of Formentera.After 2 months of idyllic living the war in Israel broke out on Yom Kippur 73 and i flew in on the second day .I stayed for the whole war and this was the crack that opened up the searching and understanding of my Jewish soul.

I was part of the Yippies in New York along with White Panthers ,Black Panthers and assorted radicals and anarchists including Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin ,Tuli Kupferberg the beat poet and Fugs rock band member.I wrote a poetry book of revolutionary road poetry along with my drawings and Abbie wrote the introduction.I have heard it was being sold on a book site in England recently.Those were heady times and wonderful times.I moved suddenly to California working for a time for Jerry Garcia as a gardener.I was 18 then.

In my early 20’s i moved up to Canada and cut my hair ,changed my name back to Jonathon and entered the record business with nothing more than a business card and chutzpa and signed Sharon,Lois and Bram who became the best selling children’s group in Canada.I was awarded gold and platinum records by  the age of 25.

I moved to Israel after cashing out and joined the army and invented Incredible Records while doing guard duty near Lebanon one night .The store lasted 30 years moving it to Toronto then to California .I closed it recently.In that time many famous people came in like Leonard Cohen,Cher,Grandpa Munster,Margaret Atwood,Randy Bachman ,Frank Stallone,Burton Cummings,Barenaked Ladies,Jeff Healy<howard Hesseman,Bob Dylan,Carlos Santana,Mickey Hart,Wavy Gravy,Comander Cody,Les Claypool,Tom Waits(he practically lived there0<John Hammond,Kim Wilson,Les Claypool,Al Kooper,Melissa Etheridge and many others.

I am now writing a book ,traveling the world ,having adventures , about to do a radio show out of Jerusalem and writing stories being published mostly online in Blues E magazine.

Recently i left California in May and negotiated a horse from the Navajo and rode down a 1000 ft cliff into Canyon de Chelly for 2 days and nights ,one of the greatest adventures i have ever done and then crossed the country and on an invite flew to Switzerland and hiked the alps for two months an then flew to Israel when Iran and Syria were threatening .I always seem to be in the thick of things .

I have a curious spirit and an open heart and i love sharing stories with people and listening to theirs.Storytelling is an art form that is sacred is what i believe.I believe in fun and adventure and spirit and love,most of all i believe in love.

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