Almost a Close Encounter with Ghosts A Night in Arkansas

Almost a close encounter with ghosts
A night in Arkansas

I stayed in a bed and breakfast this past summer in Helena Arkansas an early century house filled with antiques and character. The house was built on a battlefield and 15,000 Confederate troops were killed on this ground in the Civil War. This ground meaning under the house ..
.It seemed we were the only guests and as i went to bed i heard sounds coming from above. Sounds of bodies being dragged across the floor,muffled voices and sudden bangs..How could this be i thought fearfully ,we are on the top floor….I went outside the room to investigate and i looked everywhere and yes indeed we were definitely on the top floor …
I grew more alarmed at the realization i would be sleeping if i could manage that at all with ghosts.Shades of General Robert E Lee!
The last thing i remember thinking before i crashed my head on the pillow in a deep sleep after driving across the South all day was ,”Oh shit ghosts!!!”
In the morning i awoke rather shaken and went downstairs for the hearty breakfast promised by the hosts.”Is this place haunted ? ” ,i asked timidly .
“Yes ” was the short reply given with a twinkle.
I was about to tell my story of last night when a rather clumsy family came trundling down the stairs carrying rather large suitcases ..
“Where did you come from ” I asked suspiciously.
“From the third floor ” came the answer .
“Show me” I implored
They showed me a small door leading up to the attic.
I went back down and ate my breakfast with relief and gusto!

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