Another great adventure.. Hiking with elk

Yesterday i woke up early and made a great breakfast of eggs with garlic,ginger,onions,green onions and asparagus and tomatoes and jalapeños with a Montreal bagel and strong cup of coffee. Thus fortified i made up a bags of nuts and dried cranberries,a thermos of water and put all that in my backpack with my indian medicine stick and drove an hour to Marin County along back country roads parallel to Tomales Bay to the wilderness area of Point Reyes specifically to the dairy ranches that originated here in the 1850’s.These are the dairy farms that supplied San Francisco in Gold Rush and pioneer times with milk and cheese an butter …
These lands owe their debt to two millennia of Miwok Indians who pruned,weeded ,burned and harvested these lands so that they yield the wealth that you see today . The Franciscan Missionaries set the stage when they brought in feral cattle in the early 1800’s. Then with the Gold Rush came the Americano’s who had the vision of butter ,dairy and milk to feed San Francisco sending their product by schooner to the City by the Bay…
Here in this great expanse at land’s end is a herd of tule elk brought here in the 1950’s and free to roam and graze .
It is here under furrowed brows of cloudy sky and thunderous claps of high waves hitting the shore that i have elected to stalk the elk and hike with these herds wherever i may find them.
I have done this many times before and sometimes i have to hike 10 miles but today i was lucky and managed to scout out quite a few and i got the closest i have been ,about 20 yards
.On this adventure i also saw coyotes ,deer and hawks ……

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