Another John Lennon story

Another John Lennon story
I was 17 and part of the commune /collective called Underground Press Syndicate in NY near the West Village. It was 1971. We were the nerve center for the underground press in America and operated as a radical news service . There i was writing stories and culling news reports from the underground papers that would stream in .In that time i even wrote a book of radical poetry that Abbie Hoffman wrote an introduction to .In that loft i lived in a sultan’s tent complete with water bed and black light posters. Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin worked the Yippie party out of a desk in the corner and the mafia owned the building and the landlord was a huge mafioso bone cruncher named Benny the Bug. TheTeamsters Union were on the top floor. One time i met Benny the Bug in the elevator and he snarled at me and declared,”Hey kid,i heard the Yippies are moving in.I don’t want any heat here.If there is any trouble it is on you .Ya understand.?” He opens up his jacket to reveal a gun. I nodded mutely.I was barely 17.
Amazing people would wander in like Phil Ochs and musicians like David Peel and A.J. Weberman the Dylanologist and anti war activists like Tom Hayden and beat poets like Tuli Kupferberg and Allen Ginsberg and Stew Albert ,the Yippie founder and Izzy Young who owned the Folklore Center and Al Goldstein who owned Screw magazine and many others .Liberation News Service ,another radical collective was in the building next door. We put out Abbie’s book Steal This Book and i wrote a few pages of it.
One day i stuck out my thumb because i was burnt out with Movement politics and it was hard to tell the activists from the F.B.I agents and i thirsted for a California experience .I said farewell to all and sundry. The first car that stopped took me to Stinson Beach,California where i lived for some 5 years off and on .That September a few weeks after i had landed i was reading the latest Rolling Stone magazine while sitting on the beach .I just about cried.There was a cover story of how John Lennon had moved to New York and was hanging out with all the people i knew .
.I was in a state of shock.
I had missed a chance of a lifetime and i wish that i and waited but then again i would never had discovered Stinson Beach just by that one ride that took me some 4,000 miles.
I wouldn’t be who i am now .Yet still…..
The picture below is me in NYC then.
The picture on the right is a demonstration i was at to free Bobby Seale of the Black Pantheres.This picture was given to me and signed by an old comrade,Big Man Howard then the Minister of Information for the Black Panther Party and one of the founders.Pictured here are all my friends ,Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin ,Tom Hayden and Black Panthers an dassorted Yippies and radicals from diverse groups like the Venceramos Brigade Collective and many others.This was my life then in NYC.
Jonathon Lipsin's photo.
Jonathon Lipsin's photo.
Jonathon Lipsin's photo.

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  1. cora visser December 19, 2015 at 12:01 pm #

    It is real very interesting when i am reading all the pieces of your life.!You are a great puzzle and at the end the last piece you missed comes to you then you can put it on the right place.Your life was and is very interesting and each time i am reading a part of it, and each time i do have respect for you how you have done everything.It was exciting and you brought everything to a very good end.Keep it up jonathon with writing stories because it is more then worth to read it ,i am learning of it.Thank you for telling this storie and i come back afcourse for the next one.! Chapeau.

  2. cora visser December 19, 2015 at 12:07 pm #

    And what about John lennon you was in shock afcourse and then to have so many good friends.I only can say you are a special man with only great friends around you as there happened something there will be always somebody to help you.and this was a sad experience for you ,you have learned to this life to relevate between fun and sad.!Thanks for sharing.

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