Antelope Canyon and the Southwest

Back in February i went on a journey with my friends and we drove some 3,000 miles through the Southwest ,first to Las Vegas then to Sedona Arizona ,then Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend pictured here. My friends were Bernadette Mundy and her son Eliam and his wife Daya and child Aiden who all came up from Brazil.Bernadette flew in from Switzerland. We continued the journey to L.A. and Venice Beach and Santa Monica and Santa Barbara and up the coast to Big Sur and Monterey and finally back to my place.It was another trip of a lifetime and then i devised my other trip that being my four month birthday celebration which i just cam back from a few days ago after living on the island of Formentera in Spain and visiting my hometown of Montreal.
Who says big kids can’t have fun.
I return to these pictures over and over again because they are solidly in my heart and i will remember this until i die.

I love telling this story.This is in Antelope Canyon in Arizona near the Utah border.This is a picture of my friend Bernadette Mundy from Switzerland and Spain.You can see her great photography at…/…
there is the light this magical shaft that only comes in at certain times of the day at Antelope Canyon. Tourists come from all over the world to see it.
I whispered to Bernadette “Go into the light.Go into the light ! ” I pushed her into the light as the tourists howled “Get out of the fucking light!! ”
I suddenly forgot my english and could only mutter unintelligibly in Hebrew as i took this picture which i love .
Bernadette in the light !!!!
It wasn’t rude .It was chutzpa and i got the picture didn’t I ?

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