No matter how upset we get, be wise, breathe and walk away. Never say anything to hurt another, do not become your own worst enemy. Treat others as you want to be treated. It is our birthright to be kind, when you change, the whole world changes with you.
I have observed in human nature how we seem to be our own worst enemies.
We get jealous ,we get guarded,we get selfish,we get mean,we tell ourselves silly things and then we believe them.
Our minds have minds of their own it seems and gets us into trouble …We fasten ourselves to old fashioned and constrictive concepts that stifle our freedom and for what? I ask ..
. We are here for such a short time and the world is fraught with danger .
Anything can happen at any time but i tell you this we all deserve the best ,we deserve love and freedom and companionship and truth. We deserve great times and we deserve feeling safe.
When i was 6 i was reading the Saturday comics that came in the weekend newspaper and one comic was Pogo and there was this caption,
“We have met the enemy and it is us!”

That stayed with me and i have explored this idea ever since…and have observed it in myself also.
The situation we find ourselves in is always mostly about how we react and observe the situation.
It is time now to be happy .Not sad angry or depressed but actually happy because we are here now and that is what we must understand.That is all there is not what our mind tells us about the situation and with this comprehension life becomes beautiful.
That is what i have come to understand.

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