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Jewish Cooking at my Casa with Yonatan (my Hebrew Name meaning A Gift From God ) Mandelbrot Alert twice baked Jewish biscotti

The last batch of Mandelbrot went way too fast and i gave a biscuit to a friend and she declared ” that it was the best cookie she had ever eaten in her whole life “so i decided to make more with a slightly different recipe. With this batch it is more traditional with less […]

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When the world is sad

i climb on my bike and ride an Autumn bike path and ohhh a red tailed hawk overhead looking down on me as i pedal through fallen leaves of amber gold and rouge blowing across the path a flock of kite birds fly cross the field and alight on a tree as i pedal by […]

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Something Has Changed

Something has changed you realize that don’t you? How can i walk into a synagogue from now on without glancing around checking out the security, the exits , just in case another madman anti semite bursts in with a gun and shoots to kill..screaming Jews have got to die… I rarely go to synagogue instead […]

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