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Things That Make me Happy

It all comes down to this Doing the things that make you happy…. What makes me happy? falling in love writing poetry drawing travelling eating healthy eating a wonderful two hour lunch finding a book that speaks to me reading researching the next place i will adventure to driving long highways on back roads riding […]

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NOW by Jonathon Lipsin Now is now again i walk down the street feeling the fresh cold wind against my face observing the sensation treasuring it as if it might be my last allowing the moment to divert my attention from whatever i had been dwelling on some thought,some problem, this is all there is […]

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April Projections

The Theme for April 2014 is INTENSITY. Transformation, opportunity, power, disruption, expansion, drama, fully charged, pressure, dynamism, tension can all be words used to describe some of the energy we will be dealing with this month. This is an amazing time with incredible power available. It is intense and robust both in its lessons and […]

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Army days

Wow just found this picture I don’t think I’ve seen it in 30 years .That was me back in Israel in the day and i was pulling guard duty somewhere.I thought a lot then about our people who had perished in the Holocaust and didn’t have a chance .I felt very proud to have done […]

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High Heels

High Heels High Heels by jonathon lipsin written april 8/14 I look for high hearts not high heels i look for beauty of the soul not lipstick and jewels that tarnish with time. once I dallied with a woman in high heels and her words were as false as her breasts,yes it is so her […]

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