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Adventures of a Jewish Cowboy part 3

We rode 9 hours stopping to snack on the seaweed sheets i had luckily brought and taking a pee every now and then .We stopped maybe 1/2 hour total ,the rest of the time us riding ,sometimes at a gallop ,most times at a cantor.Something happened to me on this ride.At the very beginning when […]

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A Ghost Story

One of the things i love doing is visiting ghost towns.I consult books and seek out back dirt roads and have traipsed all over the West indulging in my preoccupation.I have been throughout California,Utah .idaho ,Montana,South Dakota,Wyoming,Colorado,Arizona and New Mexico in my pursuit of the glory of the Old West.Tombstone and Deadwood and Virginia City […]

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Some Famous People I Have Hung Out With

Fame is a funny thing.I never want to be famous .I have known many ,being in the music business all my life .Dylan,Leonard Cohen,Allen Ginsburg,Tuli Kupferberg the beat poet,A.J.Weberman,Abbie Hoffman,Jerry Rubin,Jerry Garcia,Mickey Hart,Les Claypool of Primus who is sitting in the corner of this cafe right now,Pete Seeger and so many others.What it comes down […]

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