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your soul

Your Soul by Jonathon Lipsin I want to see with new eyes not what society has trained us to see the outside no,i want to see the soul from now on a smile is pleasing a kindness is absolute don’t hide the pain we all have some this does not deter me instead this makes […]

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A Story from my Dad Aaron

I placed this story on a site online called Growing up in the Plateau.This was the immigrant area my parents grew up in ,the old Jewish Lower East Side of Montreal and i lived there as  a hippie A week after i joined there was a story called the Jews that one of the members […]

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New years day

On New Years Day i went to the ocean and i threw a bag into the waters filled with little pieces of paper and written on those papers are all the hurts i have suffered and imaginings that did me no good and all the impediments this past year that have blocked me.…all of that.I […]

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Question for all ages

I was just at the Farmers Market and we have visiting Tibetan monks living in town with their red robes and shiny shaved heads and in a group they came up to me and quietly asked can we ask you something.I immediately felt honored and humbled.”Yes ” i said.I have been waiting for this moment […]

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navajo tacos on the road

This is out of a journal i kept as i traveled across America last year or so Today ,driving through the Navajo Reservation,I stopped in Tuba City and saw a flea market set up so I stopped to find some home cooking and I wasn’t disappointed because I found a table serving Indian tacos which is […]

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the road as buddha

the road as buddha September 10, 2011 at 8:51am PublicFriendsFriends except AcquaintancesOnly MeCustomClose FriendsSebastopol, California AreaSee all lists…Concordia UniversityPoets & WritersAcquaintancesGo Back The Road has Proved a Good friend Once Again Well I have done about 10,000 miles across North America,criss crossing the land from west to east and north to south and west again.The […]

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The blues woman of appenzell

the blues woman of appenzell August 4, 2013 at 12:24am It was back in 1973 and my girlfriend Star and i had just crossed the border by foot from France into Spain through Perignon in the Pyrenee Basque country and made our way to Barcelona where we had incurred the wrath of the Spanish military […]

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