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A DAY AND NIGHT IN IBIZA HAVING A FOOD AND TRAVEL ADVENTURE WITH Michael Bennett I TOOK A PILL IN IBIZA AND IT WAS AN ANTACID !!!!!!! A DAY AND NIGHT OF FOOD AND ADVENTURE IN IBIZA WITH Michael Bennett, It was a perfect day really. Bernadette and i drove to the ferry and boarded […]

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Traveling Across America and Route 66 With a Vegan True Confessions !

With Bernadette Mundy The Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo | Roadtrippers The Big Texan Steak Ranch – Home To The Free 72oz Steak I was chuckling when i came upon a photo of the Big Texas Steak house on Route 66 outside of Amarillo ,Texas. My mind started going back. A year ago i had […]

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Big Man Howard

I first met when i was a Yippie ( political hippie)in New York City and part of the collective known as Underground Press Syndicate the nerve center for all the underground newspapers in America with Tom Forcade at the helm. Tom went on to found High Times. I was barely 17 ,i might have been […]

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Tales of a Former California Beach Bum

Back when i was 17 i was living in NYC and was a part of the radical counterculture of the day with the Yippies and the White Panthers and living and working in the collective known as Underground Press Syndicate ,a hub for the underground press in America. Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin the Yippie […]

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Yoga in Formentera.

Every morning i rise and roll out my yoga mat and do yoga for an hour or so. Today in the final deep relaxation i fell asleep i believe. “Yoga, in Sanskrit, means to completely know yourself and to be at peace in yourself. It is not possible to define this peace except to say […]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD !!!!!!!!! Aaron Henry Lipsin. 92 years old. .

My best friend ,my mentor,my hero ,my greatest influence.. We have worked together in the music business,traveled the world together,had adventures together ,laughed together,played together,cried together. We share gold and platinum records together .. This has been an amazing experience having a father like this. He turned me on to music and fed my hearty […]

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