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Yes i like simple things

I get excited over simple things like an avocado ripening and ready for lunch like your kiss in the morning and a sunrise hike and surprises i love surprises why don’t most people surprise anymore? I think that is the greatest thing! Yes i like simple things

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So Called New Age Healers on Facebook

I am no fool and i have watched so called healers and visionaries on fb market themselves with the ultimate goal of making money and using words like love and healing and bliss with abandon and they give advice and lure the gullible in. I have to say that i have come to the conclusion […]

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Life Is A Map

Life Is A Map…@Jonathon Lipsin La vida es un mapa que no se puede dibujar, el tesoro está allá fuera Life is a map that cannot be drawn , the treasure is out there and it does not stop calling you, it is called life it’s spirit is untraceable an explosion and a mirror at […]

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I Call This African /Thai peanut coconut sweet potato vegetable stew

IN MY KITCHEN TONIGHT An adventure in cooking completely vegan served with brown Thai jasmine rice This is a hearty stew perfect for chilly Fall nights.I made a lot and i will freeze it and use it as needed. I took two different recipes ,one from Africa called “African peanut stew “and the other a […]

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