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I Call This African /Thai peanut coconut sweet potato vegetable stew

IN MY KITCHEN TONIGHT An adventure in cooking completely vegan served with brown Thai jasmine rice This is a hearty stew perfect for chilly Fall nights.I made a lot and i will freeze it and use it as needed. I took two different recipes ,one from Africa called “African peanut stew “and the other a […]

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The Ring

The Ring Last Wednesday My brother Greg’s wife lost her wedding ring. It must have slipped off her finger at work and fallen . They tore the office apart twice looking for it frantically. They both felt very bad and of course i did for them..They have been married 18 years. I knew i could […]

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Bye August

Bye August I am looking forward to a slight chill,remember i live in California and the leaves do change color and the grapes are being harvested and hang heavy on the vine and pumpkin patches are everywhere… sometimes there is frost on the pumpkin and hiking trails by the coast or in the forests are […]

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Everything Is Now

everything is Now ..You can spend your whole life chasing something only to find you have spent your whole life chasing something. There is more to life than that .. There is the subtle feeling of a fresh fall wind on your cheek. there is love. there is music , there is poetry. there is […]

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Cooking For Dad

One of the great honors of my present life is to cook ..for Dad. The joy i have to feed the man who fed me is immense .. I Today it was Red chili paste ,coconut milk riced cauliflower with shallots,onions,garlic,jalapeños ;green onions,ginger,kefir lime leaves,carrots,chickpeas,lime juice,sirracha sauce,ginger,broccoli,and cilantro with a spoonful of jasmine rice cooked […]

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Happy Birthday Bernadette “Dettli” Mundy

Today is Bernadette Mundy’s birthday and this is a tribute i have put together to my friend …We have had many adventures together in all parts of the world from California to New Orleans and Mississippi and to Spain and Switzerland and S.E Asia to Thailand and Bali and Burma and Malaysia and Singapore and […]

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