1891005_718406974848506_792965236_nThese are contact sheets i inherited from the son of the Beatles first photographer,Dezo Hoffman ,an acclaimed Czech Jewish World War 2 photographer who was at the liberation of the camps and also shot in the Spanish Civil War.I have been privileged to have seen his work of photographs as shown to me by his son.These are photos he never released.John is in his Aunt’s house making tea and George is digging in a victory garden at his parents.John is doing the boys laundry.You can see the marks around some photos made by Dezo.When i received these i shook literally because this is the closest i would come to the Beatles.They touched and looked at these pictures.I felt their presence.That was pretty cool. (8 photos)1958539_718406811515189_1333380255_n1958194_718406891515181_1164238823_n1932264_718407844848419_13065878_n1911732_718406684848535_989680863_n1901824_718406291515241_1857976916_n1897814_718406578181879_407730720_n1891164_718406441515226_270077325_n

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