OMIG 50 years ago the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.My parents got us out of bed to watch and our world was changed forever.If you watch my documentary my father talks about this time and what it did to him.I remember the school was abuzz.Our house caught on fire the month before and partially burnt down and i was saved by my mother who was pregnant with Greg and woke up to get water and found the house ablaze.Another few minutes and i wouldn’t be here to tell you this story.We found a place to stay in the Village apartments down the road and that is where i first saw the Beatles.
I own one of the great rock collections that was part of my store Incredible Records and i own many Beatle items,a very few are posted here.One of my greatest treasures are the contact sheets from the first photographer Dezo Hoffman .These are unpublished photos mostly taken in black and white.The one pictured here shows the Beatles coming off the plane ,taken from behind just after doing the Ed Sullivan show .This was taken at Heathrow .In the corner are their autographs .The picture is signed by Dezo.I bought these from his son ,a friend of mine who teaches herbology in the area.I trembled when he turned them over to me and for 10 minutes i felt like a Beatle because they had looked at them and touched them and i felt part of that tribe.


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