Bernadette Mundy and the Rolling Stones and a very rare record

In 1967 a young Bernadette Mundy left her stolid and uptight town of Appenzell in the Swiss alps and ventured without qualms not looking back with her sister Olivia to Zurich where the Rolling Stones came to play.
Somehow the two girls managed to secure a fashion show gig at the concert before the band came on. They are also seen here in a magazine at the concert waving their hands on top of the crowd.
While at the concert they got the Rolling Stones to sign this album . Since then she always had a thing for Brian Jones.
All of Appenzell saw their picture in the magazine and both girls became the talk of the town for their daring and brazen adventure … Appenzell is still the most traditional village in Switzerland with conservative views. The Burgemeisters of Appenzell choked in their cheese and lager .

6 months later Bernadette saw Jimi Hendrix play and her mind was blown. The little girl from Appenzell became a rock roll fan going to concert after concert. Shown in the photos is the poster of the Hendrix concert she saw.

Later in Basel she was part of a famous commune that had a recording in house band living and worked at Atlantis a very famous music club at that time .Music was her life !
Several years after the concert of the Rolling Stones that blew her mind she moved to the magical island of Formentera made famous in the King Crimson song and also the cover of the Pink Floyd soundtrack More. There she lived for many years on the hippie island and i ironically met her back in 1973 when i was vagabonding around Spain.She lives there every summer and the past four years i have also…
The Blues also attracted her and she became an enthusiast and when i met her several years ago it was on a blues site based in India we were both administrators of .This past spring i extended an invitation to my friend to fly from Switzerland to my home in California and in one month i would take her 6,000 miles across America and back to the Blues country in New Orleans,Mississippi and Memphis because i knew if i didn’t do this then she would never have the chance to do it.
If i am only for myself who am i and if not now then when as Hillel once said.

I was going through Bernadette’s record collection in order to appraise them for her .I spotted this right off and i could barely contain my excitement and asked whose autographs are these ?
“The Rolling Stones of course ” she said matter of factly.
“I value this at 5,000 dollars to 10,000 dollars” I said also matter of factly…
After i picked Bernadette off the floor still in shock i looked up the autographed record on E Bay and saw that one sold for 5,500 dollars. The key here is Brian Jones signed it and this is their earliest record from 1965. When i get back to the States i will place this record with a top auction house.…/von-1967-bis-2007-rolling-stones-in-…

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