Bread Glorious Bread in Switzerland !!!!!

Bread in Switzerland.
I know it. I should avoid it.
There is almost nothing i can do about it either.
Each day i make a point of walking into the village of Appenzell with it’s quaint century old houses and i walk down lanes in the heart of the village where cars cannot go and i pass by the many bakeries dotting the town. Did you know Switzerland is not only the land of cheese and chocolate but also of bread and even though the past year i rarely ate bread and i live in Northern California in an area that boasts excellent bakeries i admit to more than a nodding acquaintance to Appenzel’s bakeries.
One place makes a huge bread that is charred from the wood burning oven.This is an old traditional farmers bread the owner tell me.It is just water ,yeast and flour and salt but i am barely out of the bakery when i twist off chunks and haplessly gnaw on it while on my walk.
It tastes of the earth and the simple life that has gone on here in the mountains for centuries.It is easy to envision how many tables this bread graced on cold Swiss winter nights alongside a chunk of Appenzeller cheese.
There are over 200 types of bread in Switzerland and it is mostly distinguished by a crusty exterior and a dense interior said by some to resemble the Swiss themselves. Not the dense part the crusty part lol
Today i procured a bread made of lentils.Half of it was barely left by the time i reached my domicile.
Don’t get me started about the pastries !!!!!!

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