Bulls Balls 

Bulls Balls

Many years ago i was taken to this Yemenite restaurant for this delicacy.There are two options .Ox Testicles or Bull’s Balls served with sweet and sour sauce or plain. At this moment i started to think of becoming a vegetarian. I just went back to this restaurant to take a picture of the menu that i first looked at in my twenties. They say they taste like chicken but if i wanted something that tasted like chicken why don’t i just order chicken?
My second encounter with bulls balls was in the Israeli army when we were doing navigation exercises at night in the Negev desert and we wandered by accident into a Bedouin camp and we were offered traditional desert hospitality and a plate of bulls balls were offered.I coughed and pretended to eat the delicate prairie oysters and with a sleight of hand hopefully not seen by our fierce host i slipped them into my army jacket. Hours later on a bus to some base i smelled something and reached into my pocket and came out with the offensive balls and i ended up ditching the jacket.

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