Bye August

Bye August
I am looking forward to a slight chill,remember i live in California and the leaves do change color and the grapes are being harvested and hang heavy on the vine and pumpkin patches are everywhere… sometimes there is frost on the pumpkin and hiking trails by the coast or in the forests are very inviting and a cup of hot chocolate is in order sometimes .There is a smell in the air that is different,crisper and you smell the wood burning stoves.There is also this amazing pizza place in a tiny wine town about 15 miles north of me and they create this autumn root vegetable pizza that is amazing and i drive there just to have this…..I look forward to cooking dishes drizzled with maple syrup and pumpkin seeds perhaps …heartier dishes and soups …and thai curries…i look forward to forays to the library and coming home with armfuls of books and devouring them under the covers of a cold room and a warm bed.
All these things i look forward to…

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