Cafe Santropol,Montreal

This is Cafe Santropol one of my favorite cafes around the world.I have written about it many times.I have been coming here since 1976 when they first opened.From here i would study Hebrew just before i moved and immigrated to Israel to join the army in 1982. One day after months of study i absentmindedly ordered in perfect Hebrew. I then declared myself ready to immigrate.
What i didn’t know is Garth is the owner and we knew each other back in the late 60’s early seventies when i was an editor of the notorious underground newspaper Logos ordered closed by the mayor of the time,Jean Drapeau.
Garth and i just spent an hour or more telling stories about the old days,playing hippie geography and catching up after some 46 years,. He confided to me he is dyslexic and he originally had the name of the cafe as Sebastopol but he spelled it Santropol and that is what it is called.Sebastopol is where i live in California.

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