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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD !!!!!!!!! Aaron Henry Lipsin. 92 years old. .

My best friend ,my mentor,my hero ,my greatest influence.. We have worked together in the music business,traveled the world together,had adventures together ,laughed together,played together,cried together. We share gold and platinum records together .. This has been an amazing experience having a father like this. He turned me on to music and fed my hearty […]

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Aaron at 18 WW2.

I love this photo. Happy Father’s Day Weekend Dad! When Dad was in the army a guy called him a dirty Jew and Aaron punched him in the nose .When he was brought up before the colonel he was asked asked why he beat the shit out of the guy and Aaron calmly said , […]

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Dad’s Handshake

Dad was famous for his handshake. It was firm and strong men would go out of their way to avoid it. Dad always affirmed his handshake represented that his word was his bond . Maria Callas once said to him , “No one has ever shaken my hand before and you sir have broken it!” […]

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The Debt

Aaron (Dad ) was telling a story tonight of how he ran away from home with Seymour Morris and hopped a freight train and sneaked into America across the Vermont border. He and his friend spent the cold night in a barn and the next morning Aaron was wearing these gauntlet type of winter gloves […]

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Easter Memories

  Another Story about Dad Easter memories You are saying What ???? Jonathon is Jewish thru and thru.How can he have an Easter memory? Well i do. It was Easter and it was a bright springlike day. The birds were chirping and the first flowers were beginning to bloom and show off their green tendrils […]

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