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Easter memories

Easter memories You are saying What ???? Jonathon is Jewish thru and thru.How can he have an Easter memory? Well i do. It was Easter and it was a bright springlike day.The birds were chirping and the first flowers were beginning to bloom their green tendrils appearing after a long Montreal winter. Aaron Lipsin ,my […]

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Dad and I

One thing i would love to do although it can’t happen is to drive to Montreal and pick up Dad and say ,”Hey Man we are going on a road trip ,get in the car fucker ” and take him across America driving thousands of miles into the Deep South and down to New Orleans […]

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My Journey is towards simplicity and quietness, to a kind of joy that is beyond time, a journey where i leave behind all my models of who i am. i have very good feelings about the new year and all the angst and depression and shock everyone is going through is not affecting me. I […]

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There Was Once an Honest Man

My father just told me an interesting story .  It has to do with honesty.  He owned Almada Corporation a record distribution company.  All our records had yellow stickers on them that said imported by Almada .He walked into a Portuguese furniture store on St Laurent and Rachel called Arka .  He had the idea […]

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