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There Was Once an Honest Man

My father just told me an interesting story .  It has to do with honesty.  He owned Almada Corporation a record distribution company.  All our records had yellow stickers on them that said imported by Almada .He walked into a Portuguese furniture store on St Laurent and Rachel called Arka .  He had the idea […]

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A Story about my Dad

A story my father just told me.Please read the story below of my pioneer family from south of Alaska. During WW2 my father was ironically stationed in Prince Rupert his place of birth that he hadn’t been to since he was 9 .His orders put him as head of the Military Police when he was […]

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My Grandfather Ben

If you read the story about my grandfather Ben below a few stories back i was on the internet and found out that Ben and his brothers owned the Maple Leaf Theater in Vancouver.My father who was the result of divorced parents on either side of Canada did not really know his father and he […]

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It’s All Shit

Ok it’s freezing here and below zero and the windchill is horrible.Conversation between my father and i !!! Father: This is shit! Me: total shit! Father:winter is shit! Me: total shit ! Me: what is this shit ? I live in California .This is shit ! Father :complete shit !!!! ok it wasn’t our deepest […]

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Dad’s Birthday

Can’t take my father anywhere ! I took my parents out to eat for some steak and lobster for my father’s birthday and the hostesses at the front desk were asking my Dad so what have you done today for your birthday ?They were a bit condescending in how they talked to Aaron as if […]

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A Feeling

I have been incommunicado with my parents for a few months now since i have been globe trotting .I have no phone and they have no computer .Yesterday i felt something gnaw at me ,an angst , a deep feeling of having to know they are ok.Despite my independence we are very connected .3 years […]

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Happy Fathers Day

http://this is part two of my documentary with my father telling some stories father Aaron.Happpy Fathers Day Dad ,I will see you in a few weeks. .In a pivotal moment in my life when i was about 8 or 9 my father set me down and said spend an hour with me and i will […]

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Books and Childhood

As a child my father being the good father he is would scour used bookstores on his way home from work and bring home fantastic children’s books of literature and adventure thus instilling in me a love of reading and dreaming.They now total 500 and i have them all and treasure them.Kidnapped,Robinson Crusoe,Four Feathers,on and […]

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