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A Story About Dad

When i was sitting with Dad tonight for dinner we were talking about his role in the record business which started in 1947. It was fate actually. The only reason he was in the record business is because he applied to become an engineer but the company would not take any Jews and they said […]

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Easter memories

Easter memories You are saying What ???? Jonathon is Jewish thru and thru.How can he have an Easter memory? Well i do. It was Easter and it was a bright springlike day.The birds were chirping and the first flowers were beginning to bloom their green tendrils appearing after a long Montreal winter. Aaron Lipsin ,my […]

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Dad and I

One thing i would love to do although it can’t happen is to drive to Montreal and pick up Dad and say ,”Hey Man we are going on a road trip ,get in the car fucker ” and take him across America driving thousands of miles into the Deep South and down to New Orleans […]

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My Journey is towards simplicity and quietness, to a kind of joy that is beyond time, a journey where i leave behind all my models of who i am. i have very good feelings about the new year and all the angst and depression and shock everyone is going through is not affecting me. I […]

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