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Chagall is one of my favorite artists and every morning for 35 years i have woken up to a painting by him on my wall. I have a deep craving for more art in my life. Whenever i am in New York and Paris and London and Amsterdam which is not too often i spend […]

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Drapes by Miro

These were the drapes we had in our house growing up as a kid in the 50’s .Designed by Miro who i just realized is from Catalan,Spain…My family was Bohemian compared to others . Art and books and music were everywhere and the portal to other universes.

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Looking for a Piece of My Childhood

Wow ,when i was 10 our house burnt down mostly and i was saved within minutes of being burned alive by my pregnant mother who woke up to get a drink of water.All the paintings on our walls were destroyed ,prints of Picasso’s and Roualt’s and Gaugins and there was one i have looked for […]

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These are contact sheets i inherited from the son of the Beatles first photographer,Dezo Hoffman ,an acclaimed Czech Jewish World War 2 photographer who was at the liberation of the camps and also shot in the Spanish Civil War.I have been privileged to have seen his work of photographs as shown to me by his […]

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