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SHABBAT SHALOM Chaverim Just after the Barcelona Terror Attack

I feel it is appropriate after the terorist attack yesterday in Barcelona to highlight Barcelona. I am safe obviously because i am on the island. Thank God i was not in Barcelona at this time as i usually am. I know Barcelona pretty well and i love the city. That terrorist van stopped right outside […]

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Ernest Hemingway and Jonathon in Spain

we had something in common let the winds of freedom blow the prison gates open… My crime was calling the Guardia Civil “fascist Nazi pigs ” back in 1973 when Franco was in power …They were hassling us for being hippies. I sang Spanish Civil War songs in prison much to the distress of the […]

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THE LEGEND The Ballad of Formentera Jon sung in the key of D minor

It was 1973 and i was ingloriously thrown in prison in Spain for calling Franco’s Guardia Civil ..let me see how i phrased it. Oh yeah” Fucking Nazi pigs.” There was no Google then and i had no idea Hitler’s buddy was still alive . I thought he had died with Adolf in the bunker […]

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WHAT I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT THE JEWS OF IBIZA AND FORMENTERA IN SPAIN @ Jonathon Lipsin I not only enjoy the hedonistic lifestyle of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera .In between bites of paella and yoga on the beach and dancing in a flamenco bar and swimming in the sea i sleuth out my passion […]

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@ Jonathon Lipsin All my life i have used cafes as my haunts . This is where i have plotted adventures,wrote incessantly ,met muses while i scribbled poetry thoughtfully,encountered bodisattvas in the guise of world travelers and sages and used as my office long before the computer era. I come by it honestly. My grandfather Alter,that […]

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Barcelona and Pickpockets

Barcelona came in first in the world’s worst cities for pickpockets . Having been there 3 times i can attest to this so when i am there i stash everything in the hotel safe and walk around with maybe 20 euros in my front pocket.I always dress down anyways and do not look like a […]

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Tales From Barcelona

Barcelona If this is Friday night it must be Barcelona.I boarded the plane in Ibiza Island and as soon as i sat down i fell asleep blissfully and woke up in Barcelona.I grabbed a cab and went to my old hotel ,El Jardi in the Gothic Quarter in the plaza by the church above one […]

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Jewish Quarter in Barcelona

i touch the wall in the old Jewish Quarter and immediately upon contact with the stone my hand feels the cold of stone ,an ancient stone .I feel a lot of stone and walls in my journeys.It has always been a way of communicating .I said i feel a lot before in a post earlier..I […]

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