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Happy Birthday Bernadette “Dettli” Mundy

Today is Bernadette Mundy’s birthday and this is a tribute i have put together to my friend …We have had many adventures together in all parts of the world from California to New Orleans and Mississippi and to Spain and Switzerland and S.E Asia to Thailand and Bali and Burma and Malaysia and Singapore and […]

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I JUST WANT PEACE ,GOOD TIMES AND PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME Birthday notes to myself A birthday for me is not trivial.I don’t need congratulations or cakes or balloons .It is more personal than that. Too many i notice, in fact most i know ,tend to shrug off their birthdays as just another day . […]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD !!!!!!!!! Aaron Henry Lipsin. 92 years old. .

My best friend ,my mentor,my hero ,my greatest influence.. We have worked together in the music business,traveled the world together,had adventures together ,laughed together,played together,cried together. We share gold and platinum records together .. This has been an amazing experience having a father like this. He turned me on to music and fed my hearty […]

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