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Abe’s BBQ Clarksdale Mississippi

One of the things the Deep South is known for besides perverts like Ray Moore is BBQ and even though i eat mostly a vegetarian plant based diet i do indulge especially when i am in Montreal for the famous Montreal smoked meat or in Mississippi when i am in Clarksdale. That’s when i stop […]

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Me and the Blues

The blues are so popular now it is amazing. Tourists from all over the world as far away as Japan flock down to Mississippi and follow the signs signifying the Blues Trail..everyone searching for the authentic experience. All i can tell you about is my personal experience with the blues. My father was the main […]

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The Wind is Calling

the door has shut leaving me quite alone 5 years of preparation the time has come and now gone a bird sits on a branch singing a song only i can hear the time has passed for tears the time has passed for understanding why all those years spent nurturing ,planting seeds came to naught.. […]

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Dispatches From Pluto

A quiet night curled up in the big chair reading this book about life in Mississippi.. I have greater insight into the State through this book. Picking up Deep South by Paul Theroux tomorrow at the library. You see for me the Road Trip doesn’t end. It is the preamble if you will because my […]

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Some facts i have learned about Mississippi Godamn.

Mississippi is the poorest state in the Union a position it has held since the Civil War It is the fattest state with a third of the adult population considered obese. It is number one for teenage pregnancy and illiteracy ,failure to graduate high school and highest for sexually transmitted diseases. A 50 year old […]

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Parchman Farm, Mississippi

When i was recently touring my friend from Switzerland Bernadette across the South we passed by a notorious place called Parchman Farm.I called Bernadette’s attention to it a big sprawling building on a massive acreage with towers and barbed wire… I told her i would inform her of the history some time later because we […]

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