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Was Bob Dylan Jonathon?

#bobdylan,#ajweberman,#pinkfloyd,#formentera Ok listen up y’all ! This was on the Spanish island of Formentera where i am living except this was back in 1973 when i was stranded there after being arrested by Franco’s Guardia Civil on the Mainland and thrown in jail for for calling them Nazi pigs .(see story on my blog at […]

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His Name is Bob Dylan

“His name is ‘Bob Dylan.’ You’ve got to hear it.” This is what i thought when i heard this record. It kind of jumped out at me . I was a kid in 8th grade in high school and i had been acting up in art class of all things an dthe teacher ordered me […]

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Bob Dylan

Love this shot of Dylan when he was 23 walking with his gang down in the Village in the NYC days.This is from a Jim Marshall ( rock photographer) contact sheet.With Dylan ( who i have met twice,he came in the store a couple of times ) is Dave Van Ronk who i knew in […]

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