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Morning Thoughts…Journeying and Life and Stuff Like That

I awake to snowy alps here in Switzerland. My friend and host Bernadette is making me an omelette and i still can’t figure out how she does what that i can’t do. Her omelet’s are delicious. I eagerly request rostii the Swiss version of hash browns because last night i was craving them. She says […]

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Two Weeks In my Life

I had just come back from an epic 4 month journey to Spain,Montreal and Israel when the world changed.The worst fire in California history ravaged the county and after a wonderful week of hanging out in San Francisco and Marin County along the coast and the redwoods disaster hit and so with nary a glance […]

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You know that voice in your head telling you to travel.Listen to it because you will regret it ten years from now….

I  have rode mustangs in Indian sacred canyons ,hiked the alps,lived on an island in the Mediterranean,traveled all over Israel ,travelled some 35,000 miles by car in America ,hung out in New York City and New Orleans and Memphis,rambled all over the Mississippi Delta ,vision quested with Native American shamans in Arizona and even slept […]

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It’s Time We Stopped Messing with that Kid ! “

4 years ago i left Sebastopol ready for adventure.The divorce was very raw then and i felt battered and heart broken but i was determined that this was not the way it was to end and that the world held magic and promise. I left town with no plan but with a trust in the […]

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All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. We will have driven 5,500 miles or about 8,500 km Not bad for a road trip that came out of my imagination one day as i was staring out at the rain about a month and a […]

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Bucket List

Reading up for my next adventure On my latest Journey i knocked off a few bucket list desires. One of them was visiting Austin,another was visiting the birthplace of Woody Guthrie,Okema Oklahoma and another one was meeting an old bluesman and getting a private concert in his juke joint in the Mississippi Delta,visiting Albuquerque and […]

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