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I grew up in Montreal Canada in a mostly Jewish hood.I went to a parochial Jewish school from kindergarten to 3’rd grade and on the walls of the school were the portraits of Theodore Herzl, the father of Zionism, and Queen Elizabeth in that order. The flag was the Union Jack and also the flag […]

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Me and the Blues

The blues are so popular now it is amazing. Tourists from all over the world as far away as Japan flock down to Mississippi and follow the signs signifying the Blues Trail..everyone searching for the authentic experience. All i can tell you about is my personal experience with the blues. My father was the main […]

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The Jonathon Lipsin Gang

The Jets AKA of Cote St Luc.,Montreal We were fearless. No one got in our way. No one messed with us. We patrolled the frontiers of the suburb looking for Nazi war criminals. We were bonafide! As usual i was the one left holding the ball…. Our motto was “You mess with me you mess […]

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Easter memories

Easter memories You are saying What ???? Jonathon is Jewish thru and thru.How can he have an Easter memory? Well i do. It was Easter and it was a bright springlike day.The birds were chirping and the first flowers were beginning to bloom their green tendrils appearing after a long Montreal winter. Aaron Lipsin ,my […]

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