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early days as a foodie

My days as a foodie started here ! I would pick my way among the cooking that my mother and grandmother did and develop my finer sense of taste .That is me digging into the bowl.Lyvia my cousin at the left is observing and Ranaan my other cousin pouting and Brian my brother picking.Nothing has […]

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My Grandfather’s Mandolin

my Zaide,my grandfather owned a mandolin or should i say the mandolin owned him.It was always around and loved to be grabbed and strummed,some old Russian songs,some yiddish songs like Tumbalaika and some old irish songs.The latter were ones that warmed my Zaideh’s heart,irish ballads.Go figure.No gathering was complete without us kids begging for a […]

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Peter Pan

Somewhere deep in my heart l desire to go back in time and become a kid again. I miss those days when I was innocent, carefree and free spirited .There was no stress, no tension, no pressures and no expectations. My world was free from gossips, manipulations and backstabbing. That was the time when I […]

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Travels With Jonathon…Memphis and Civil Rights

travels with Jonathon August 31, 2011 at 5:40pm I’m on Beale St,once the gathering point for the Civil Rights movement in the early days when the shout against segregation started as grumblings and then murmurs and then mutterings and then more strident as it swelled and rallied against the racism of the day.Everything was segregated,public […]

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The Blues and Rev.Gary Davis

When i was a young lad of 12 ,living in Montreal ,i steeped myself in the blues .I read and listened to whatever i could get my hands on and i had the family collection of thousands of records to draw on .Rev.Gary Davis was playing at the Yellow Door Coffee House downtown and because […]

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