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People who used to hang out at Incredible Records.

Bob Dylan,Leonard Cohen,Grandpa Munster,Melissa Etheridge,,Carlos Santana,James Spader,John Densmore of the Doors,,Barenaked Ladies,Sylvia Tyson,Jeff Healy ,Blue Rodeo,Randy Bachman,Burton Cummings,Cher,Rita Coolidge,Tom Waits,Melissa Gilbert,Dr Demento,Wayne Myers,Flea,Howard Houseman,Idan RanFrank Stallone,Wavy Gravy,Margaret Atwood,Graham Greene Wynona Ryder,Maury Chaiken,Flea,Roy Rogers,Shana Morrison,John Sinclair,James Cameron,Blue Rodeo,Charlie Musselwhite,R.E.M.,Sharon,Lois and Bram,Raffia, Simone “Simi” Simone Ziv,Sam Andrew and Peter Albin of Janis’band Big Brother,Dickie Peters of Blue […]

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Leonard Cohen and Me.

. This is not meant to aggrandize my relationship with Leonard. We knew each other but not well. We never hung out together except that once… I lived just down the street from him on St Dominique and we would see each other in passing both of us bundled up against the frost and cold.I […]

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Blythe Danner

I am watching a recent Blythe Danner movie with Sam Elliot in it and yes i once met her. The way i play in my life is i don’t give a damn if you are famous or not (ok the exception was Dylan but after being with him for half an hour i didn’t care […]

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Was Bob Dylan Jonathon?

#bobdylan,#ajweberman,#pinkfloyd,#formentera Ok listen up y’all ! This was on the Spanish island of Formentera where i am living except this was back in 1973 when i was stranded there after being arrested by Franco’s Guardia Civil on the Mainland and thrown in jail for for calling them Nazi pigs .(see story on my blog at […]

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Me and Billy the Kid

We never got along too well .Whenever i ramble over to New Mexico with it’s high desert plains with muted brown and green color,wide expanse and big sky and lots of room over the Llano Estacado where It is easy to imagine the fierce Comanche indians swooping down over the plains i drop into the […]

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Joan Baez

I first met Joan Baez at my house when i was 7. My father had introduced her to Canada because he was the Vanguard distributor exclusively and that was her label. I informed her that i didn’t really care for her voice .I was more into Woody Guthrie. She patted me on the head and […]

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The Doors

On this day 50 years ago the first Doors album came out and i bought it at Phantasmagoria Records in Montreal .I t was 1967 and i was a kid who started growing his hair long and exploring the bigger world. This record became my favorite and Jim Morrison my favorite singer. I would play […]

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