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You Can’t Fool A Montrealer

I am at the Museum of Jewish Montreal which is directly across the street from my old commune from 1970 where i was the editor of the underground paper Logos. They serve gefilte fish tacos (I kid you not) here and i just told them a story because i see they are selling Montreal steak […]

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Muse of the Morning  Choose what feeds your soul.

Some of you are depressed by the state of the world right now. I only feel depressed if I read my FB newsfeed; thus I don’t do it much.. I am too busy living my life . I love fb because i like to write and share .I don’t care about likes or even comments […]

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You know that voice in your head telling you to travel.Listen to it because you will regret it ten years from now….

I  have rode mustangs in Indian sacred canyons ,hiked the alps,lived on an island in the Mediterranean,traveled all over Israel ,travelled some 35,000 miles by car in America ,hung out in New York City and New Orleans and Memphis,rambled all over the Mississippi Delta ,vision quested with Native American shamans in Arizona and even slept […]

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