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A DAY AND NIGHT IN IBIZA HAVING A FOOD AND TRAVEL ADVENTURE WITH Michael Bennett I TOOK A PILL IN IBIZA AND IT WAS AN ANTACID !!!!!!! A DAY AND NIGHT OF FOOD AND ADVENTURE IN IBIZA WITH Michael Bennett, It was a perfect day really. Bernadette and i drove to the ferry and boarded […]

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It’s Time We Stopped Messing with that Kid ! “

4 years ago i left Sebastopol ready for adventure.The divorce was very raw then and i felt battered and heart broken but i was determined that this was not the way it was to end and that the world held magic and promise. I left town with no plan but with a trust in the […]

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THE HUCKLEBERRY YEARS PART ONE….wisdom of a young man

In 1974 when i was living in Stinson Beach,California i hiked out to the Point Reyes Wilderness area and camped out for 5 days. There i lived like Robinson Crusoe on the beach not seeing anyone alone with my thoughts and i wrote. I wrote a 20 page story of my time there in the […]

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The Love Choir

Next week it will be the Apple Blossom Parade and Festival where most in town parade down the street ,a very old tradition here and then party in the park with live music for two days . that i was one of the original members of 20 years ago is having it’s anniversary and Jim […]

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