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So Called New Age Healers on Facebook

I am no fool and i have watched so called healers and visionaries on fb market themselves with the ultimate goal of making money and using words like love and healing and bliss with abandon and they give advice and lure the gullible in. I have to say that i have come to the conclusion […]

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Float and Adjust

Agenda for this morning ? swimming of course a metaphor for my life as needed when i am in the sea everything is clear Aqui y ahora Here and Now everything comes and goes people,emotions,thoughts,situations, nothing is permanent catch and release catch and release breathe into the asanas of life be kind do what fills […]

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Feeling Good

After a couple of months of yoga and meditation and swimming twice a day for hours in the sea up to 4,300 strokes at a time and 100 pushups daily and eating mostly vegetarian and vegan food mainly fruits and vegetables and whole grains and being a lovable beach bum with no plans and firmly […]

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Yoga in Formentera.

Every morning i rise and roll out my yoga mat and do yoga for an hour or so. Today in the final deep relaxation i fell asleep i believe. “Yoga, in Sanskrit, means to completely know yourself and to be at peace in yourself. It is not possible to define this peace except to say […]

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