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Jesse Winchester in Hospice

http:// NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!Jesse Winchester i just found out is in hospice .I guess i have known Jesse since i was 15 in Montreal. He had just come up to Canada to evade the draft .All my friends were draft dodgers and deserters.I can’t tell you how many times i would trundle down to the old […]

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Green Door

I am reminded that in the old hippie days in Vancouver in 1969 and 70 there was a back alley off of Cordova st in Gastown and it was a Chinese restaurant called the Green Door.Had no sign except the door and you walk in through the back.The kitchen was 2 x4 with a sink […]

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Hippie Days

This was my commune in Montreal when i was 16 .I moved into this 8 room house with about 12 other people ,mostly draft dodgers and deserters and we lived communally running the underground newspaper ,Logos.We also ran the first non profit food co op and free clothing store here.It was an amazing time .Very […]

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The blues woman of appenzell

the blues woman of appenzell August 4, 2013 at 12:24am It was back in 1973 and my girlfriend Star and i had just crossed the border by foot from France into Spain through Perignon in the Pyrenee Basque country and made our way to Barcelona where we had incurred the wrath of the Spanish military […]

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