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Woodstock Anniversary

Coming up on the 45th anniversary of Woodstock. 45 years ago at Woodstock i was 15 and lost my virginity and my innocence and a copy of Siddhartha i was readingi don’t mind the other stuff but i would like that book backActually i may not have lost my virginity there.i have told this story […]

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Volunteers of America

http://This song became a rallying anthem for us back in the days when we sought to stop the war in Vietnam.It was just after Kent State and the gloves were off as we took to the streets in 1970,71.We called for a mobilization that shut down most universities across the country then.People raged in the […]

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Garcia’s Gardener

Hahah,i have to laugh because when i was young i was Jerry Garcia’s gardener and the worst one he had ever seen and the most expensive.I broke 3 of his lawn mowers,ruined his flowers,cut his hedge as to resemble a Greek tragedy ,and then had the nerve to demand 10 dollars an hour in 1973 […]

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Memories of Blue Cheer

http://I loved this song .I was 13 when i first heard it on the radio listening to am transistor radio when i was lying in my room late at night plotting my escape from suburbia.How would i know Dickie Peters would become a good friend of mine years later in my store in California .One […]

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Jesse Winchester in Hospice

http:// NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!Jesse Winchester i just found out is in hospice .I guess i have known Jesse since i was 15 in Montreal. He had just come up to Canada to evade the draft .All my friends were draft dodgers and deserters.I can’t tell you how many times i would trundle down to the old […]

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Green Door

I am reminded that in the old hippie days in Vancouver in 1969 and 70 there was a back alley off of Cordova st in Gastown and it was a Chinese restaurant called the Green Door.Had no sign except the door and you walk in through the back.The kitchen was 2 x4 with a sink […]

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