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Today is the 140th anniversary of Custer’s Last Stand at the Little Big Horn.

I have been a student of this battle since i was very young about 5 years old.I had the book Tonka which i still have ,pictured below ,the Walt Disney story about Commanche the lone survivor of the fight at the Little Big Horn. This book fueled my imagination and so one day back in […]

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Jack and Rochelle a Holocaust Story

After a long time of deferring i finally read my fb friend Cecillia’s book about her parents and their time as partisans during the Holocaust.I was not ready before and i had to get myself prepared.At one time i read nothing but Holocaust literature and stories.I had become obsessed because i had committed a sin […]

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At the President’s Inauguration

When i was at the President’s inauguration ..thoughts about Martin Luther KIng . I was in Washington for the inauguration of the first black president in history on Martin Luther King day .My son was given a ticket and i decided to crash.I wrote an article about that for the Press Democrat newspaper in California […]

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