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I Discovered a Fascist Concentration Camp on the Island of Formentera Spain

My time spent on the island is part indolence ,being a beach bum eating paella,dancing and singing flamenco in a bar,swimming throughout the day and sipping cortados at seaside at a trendy restaurant . I admit there is more than that . It may surprise you to learn that the islands of Ibiza and Formentera […]

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Last week i had lunch with a friend and her son .Her son was going to Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland in March and i wanted to give him something. 40 years ago when i was about his age the cousin of Elie Wiesel gave me a book called Treblinka . It was an incredible […]

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I just now came out of this movie at the Jewish Film Festival in my town . Yes a town of 7,000 has a Jewish Film Festival.Of course i am one of 4 in the audience being a small town. I am just teasing. It was packed . We definitely had a minyan. This movie […]

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