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Ernest Hemingway and Jonathon in Spain

we had something in common let the winds of freedom blow the prison gates open… My crime was calling the Guardia Civil “fascist Nazi pigs ” back in 1973 when Franco was in power …They were hassling us for being hippies. I sang Spanish Civil War songs in prison much to the distress of the […]

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Was Bob Dylan Jonathon?

#bobdylan,#ajweberman,#pinkfloyd,#formentera Ok listen up y’all ! This was on the Spanish island of Formentera where i am living except this was back in 1973 when i was stranded there after being arrested by Franco’s Guardia Civil on the Mainland and thrown in jail for for calling them Nazi pigs .(see story on my blog at […]

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A Story about Santa

I remember taking my son Jeremy Lipsin when he was 3 years old to see Santa and Jeremy was sitting on Santa’s lap and Santa said ,”So little boy what would you like for Christmas ?” Jeremy looked at him and said ,”Nothing .I am Jewish!” Santa turned to Jeremy and said ,”Don’t tell anybody but so […]

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