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Working With Humor

This is what i do.Like the time i was caught sneaking into the 17th c church here in Spain so i could get a photo op up in the bell tower and the priest caught me and i exclaimed with some consternation,THis is not the Bernstein Bar Mitzva ??????? He admitted there haven’t been Jews […]

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Dad’s Birthday

Can’t take my father anywhere ! I took my parents out to eat for some steak and lobster for my father’s birthday and the hostesses at the front desk were asking my Dad so what have you done today for your birthday ?They were a bit condescending in how they talked to Aaron as if […]

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Did i Really Get Away With That Last Night ??? (I will blame it on the liquour)

Did i Really Get Away With That Last Night ??? (I will blame it on the liqueur) A really wonderful night.I watched and took pictures as Roman made his vegetarian paella with onions,curry from Morocco and cauliflower,snow peas,bean sprouts ,seitain, and rice and many other things creating it out of his head and pictures will […]

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American Beauty

i bought the record for a dollar at the flea market in Marin City just near the Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito.I was living in Stinson Beach and was Jerry Garcia’s gardener at the time.It was a cold foggy sunday morning and i lit a fire and played this sucker over and over again.

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Of Mice and Men

Something funny just happened .i am in a cafe and three people are having a conversation that makes no sense at all to me.They keep talking about God and George and for the past half hour i have been thinking they are on LSD .Suddenly one of them turns to me and says “Hey Jonathon,what’s […]

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